Europe is Waking Up

It has taken a long time, but many people in Europe are finally waking up and are coming to see what kind of spiritual battle is raging. The conflict between the secular worldview and the Christian worldview has finally been realized by an increasing number of people. But even some who are not close to Christianity understand that there are ideological manipulators at work here trying to form the culture in a way that stands contrary to common sense.

Joannes (far right) at the Czech March for Life.

These cultural threats include gender-ideology, the promotion of so-called homosexual “marriage,” the early sexualization of children in preschool, contrary to legitimate parental rights, and finally the attempt to turn abortion into a human right through legislation.

The pressure groups and individuals promoting this agenda probably thought it would be easy to bring about, and they have achieved many victories, but those resisting this agenda are getting increasingly well organized.

A few months ago on January 19, 40,000 people took to the streets in Paris in order to raise their voices against abortion, euthanasia and other anti-life practices. Further demonstrations have already been planned. The French people became alarmed because the socialist president, F. Hollande, forced on them aggressive anti-life policies. More than one million people have demonstrated on the streets multiple times in order to protest against homosexual “marriage.”

At the same time the Veilleurs, mainly young students and their sympathizers, have given witness to the dignity and beauty of life, despite repressions, through their quiet, peaceful sit-ins in the middle of Paris during the night. In other European countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic and Romania, major pro-life rallies were held successfully.

Europe-love lifeThe example of the eldest daughter of the Church has had an impact. There now exists outspoken declarations by various episcopal conferences concerning gender-ideology. The Slovak bishops wrote a pastoral letter during the advent of 2013, which cannot be surpassed in its clarity. The Polish episcopal conference also published a pastoral letter, which was read from all the pulpits in Poland, in which it explained the destructive danger of genderism. The Portuguese episcopal conference did the same. Bishop Huonder from Chur in Switzerland wrote a pastoral letter concerning gender-mainstreaming in which he confirmed what Benedict XVI had already clarified unambiguously: namely that gender-ideology is profoundly destructive and untrue.

Finally, one shouldn’t forget the attempts of the new Spanish government to fulfill its electoral promises and get rid of the liberal rulings regarding abortion which the previous socialist government had put into place. Furthermore, the attempt of the Spanish politician Estrela to turn abortion on the level of the EU into a must for all member-states has been foiled.

The great Cardinal John Henry Newman used to say: The tide will turn. Yes, that is true. For the truth remains the truth, and the truth is stronger than all lies.


Source: HLI